Mohanlal Shankarlal Agro Foods Pvt Ltd

India is the largest producer of rice grains – harvested from all states in the country and variety of types – from Basmati to Kashmiri Kesar to different other types. A considerable number of countries are importing rice from India and always seek the most trusted platform, where complete assistance is provided to fulfill their requirement. If you’re one of them looking for the best quality rice brand, you have come at the right place – Mohanlal Shankarlal Agro Foods Pvt Ltd. We have multiple source business one of and the second I

Incorporated in the year of 2014 with a view of amalgamate all the companies under one roof, We have become a trusted exporter of raw and parboiled rice to most countries in the world like China, USA, Russia, European Union, West Africa, UAE and different others. We are the leading organization dealing with cultivation, growth, harvesting and processing of best quality rice. We are the leading company working together towards achieving a motto that is to produce export quality rice. We are into processing them in a quality controlled environment so that it retains the benefits of being one of the most nutritious and healthy option available.

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